Innovation and betting on quality

Teycois a company that has specialised in the manufacture and sale of ironworks for aluminium doors for 40 years. During this long period it has collaborated with the most important national sector companies in developing integral systems for their works.

The services that Teyco provides are not by chance, they come from an innovative vision, from betting on quality and respecting our clients.

And to achieve these qualities Teyco has:

- An office for  design and its own settings workshop that allows it to meet, in an agile way, the needs that the market puts forward or the possible modifications that our clients may require.

- Also,  a wide range of production process, like injection of metals and plastics, mechanisation of parts by impact or pressure pressing, power saws, décolletages and various finishes.

Additionally, it has managed to gain its clients’ trust thanks to scrupulously respecting their confidentiality and exclusivity in the series that are specially designed for them.



  • Own production, with European quality standards.
  • Large product catalogue with over 8.000 references.
  • Trustworthiness: control of all production processes, starting with the raw materials up to the final finishes.
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